April 15, 2015


“Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it.”  -Marc Jacobs

The one BIG take away from New York, Milan and Paris Fashion Week, this past February, was that hair color has truly defined itself as part of an ‘entire look’.  It has now become as styled and curated as the clothes themselves.  Hair color is the new, must have accessory, of every look!

Obviously, this is music to my ears, but certainly not practical for the everyday person.  That being said, I think it does open the door for clients to be a bit more adventurous and perhaps take some risks when curating a look with their colorist.  Color is no longer thought of as just for covering those troublesome grays or giving sun kissed summer streaks; it is now being used to completely transform looks, as evidenced at the runway shows where natural brunettes were walking the runway as blondes and vice versa.  Hair color was clearly given as much attention, in terms of the over all styling, as the clothes themselves, depending on what look the designer was trying to achieve!

I must caution that, color changes need to be well thought out, and the frequency with which clients can color all depends on the structure, health and texture of the hair.  A good colorist will be able to gauge when a client’s natural hair is starting to become damaged by over processing.

In conclusion, as Spring has officially arrived, have fun, be adventurous and maybe try something different when next with your colorist.  Nothing is ever really permanent or unfixable and what a wonderful feeling it is when you try something new and end up loving it!



Photo:  Michael Kors/Instagram

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