June 10, 2015

W Magazine

I have been a devoted W Magazine reader for as long as I can remember.  I would pour over the photos and be inspired and, I would read the articles and dream.

So, you can only imagine, how thrilled (and totally nervous!) I was when my friend, Stormy, called me to say that she was in NYC and had just had breakfast with Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director of W Magazine, and, that Jane was willing to take a seat in my chair.  To meet Jane, had been on my wish list since I started learning about the world of editorial and press mentions.

On the day of Jane’s appointment the adrenaline was pumping and I was ready for whatever the day would bring.  If I was, in any way nervous, it completely dissipated the minute Jane and I met.  She immediately put me at ease.  Jane radiates an amazing vibe that hovers somewhere in between guru and best childhood friend.  Her sense of humor and wit are palpable. She is, clearly, smart and very savvy.

I absolutely LOVED working with Jane – I have so much respect and admiration for what she does and am in awe at how seamlessly she seems to move through what, I can only imagine, is a crazy normal day! Ultimately, Jane walked out of the door of the salon super happy and liked what I did enough to include me in the May issue of W Magazine!!

I had always dreamed of someday seeing my face among the pages of this fashion and beauty bible.  I never imagined the day would come less than two years after opening my own salon and before my 30th birthday.  I am humbled and still in awe!

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