September 16, 2015


The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.
– Socrates

With summer, sadly, behind us I want to dedicate this blog to what we can all do to revitalize and revamp in preparation for Fall.

Many of my customers show such enthusiasm as summer approaches…often times, wanting a new summer cut, painting in those lovely sun kissed colors around the face, going lighter all together…etc. I have found that there is not the same energy around Fall. It is almost as though, with the summer ends being snipped off, customers tend to go into a holding pattern until spring…a hibernation of sorts. To that end, I would love to talk a bit about why I love Fall and think it is the perfect time for CHANGE. Whether a major overhaul or a small tweak, Fall is the perfect time to change things up!

I have talked in past blogs about how I really see hair as an accessory. You wear it everyday and, like your clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc…it does need to be changed. The change of seasons, which we are so lucky to have here in DC, is the perfect time to try something new with your hair. Just because summer is over, does not mean hair should go darker. I actually love the idea of brightening up hair during the fall. Or just a simple gloss to crete tone in the already existing color makes the world of difference.
In terms of cutting changes, shorter haircuts make the perfect accessory to the higher necklines of Fall.

Whatever change you settle on, it is always comforting to remember that, with hair, no change is ever permanent. Have fun and take chances!

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