November 24, 2015

Rejuvenate your strength, renew your mind, re-invigorate your spirit…

-Simone Da Costa




With Thanksgiving upon us and Christmas not far behind, I wanted to focus this blog on why the Holidays are so important to me. As an artist, I have always felt incredibly blessed to be able spend my days doing what I am truly passionate about and have it translate into a career.

The only hitch being that the restorative benefits of my creative passion are often missed because the process occurs in my place of work. That being said, where some find the pressure of the Holidays daunting, I welcome them with open arms. The Holidays truly become, my time to renew, reinvigorate and gain new inspiration.


A few days among family and friends, laughing and sharing stories is the perfect way to begin the restorative process. As the Holidays are the Studio’s busiest time of year (no complaints here!), I also use Holiday time to catch up on the stack of glossies that I have not had a second to look, the films (old and new) that I have been meaning to see and, to work out. By far, exercise is the best way for me to ‘restore’. Having the time to really sit down, undisturbed, and look at images and read articles is an incredible luxury. A luxury that, away from the Holidays, would never find the time to happen.


In closing, I wish you all joyous, safe and restorative Holiday Season!



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