November 1, 2016


“You are an endless project…CHANGING, EVOLVING, SURPRISING.”
James Patterson

On the tail end of the Spring 2017 Runway Shows, I wanted to focus this post on EVOLVING and how important it is that we all embrace the process and, most importantly, try and have fun while doing so!
Some of the oldest fashion house (which one would think, would also make them the most predictable) have evolved over the years to remain totally relevant while still holding on to the basic tenets that have always defined them.
The standouts this season being Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Gucci managed to maintain that awesome 70’s vibe updated with tons of ruffles, fabulous prints and hats galore! Louis Vuitton nailed the classic muted pallet and incorporated blasts of color. I love seeing tones like this in hair!
Finally, my absolute favorite was the grungy beach blondes that, our friends at Whittemore House, did for Alexander Wang. The great surfer girl look – evolved to meet ‘runway standards’. The final result: brilliant chunky texture where a color palette of dark roots met sun kissed lighter ends. LOVE!
In conclusion, we should allow our hair to evolve in the same way our clothes, our taste in music and the types of food we like to eat do.
Whether a small trim, some new bits of color painted around the face or, something even more dramatic, hair has firmly established itself as a key accessory of everyones look. Have fun with it and most importantly, let it evolve with you!


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